Philippe Dépelteau

Director, IT and Cybersecurity, M&A

Philippe Dépelteau, is a seasoned IT professional with a rich 15-year history in the field of information technology. Leveraging this extensive background, Mr. Dépelteau successfully transitioned into the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, where they now excel in both offensive and defensive strategies.

With a notable Certification as a Forensic Examiner and a Certificate in Information Security from HEC Montréal, Mr. Dépelteau brings a deep understanding of security practices to the table. Prior to joining our team, Mr. Dépelteau made a significant impact at KPMG, where they honed their expertise in cybersecurity as a pentester and team lead of the incident response team.

Committed to enhancing cybersecurity practices, Mr. Dépelteau brings a unique blend of technical expertise and hands-on experience to our organization, ensuring robust defense against evolving digital threats.

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