Alliance Labeling Joins Forces with Novacap to Fuel Growth and Expand Market Reach

Novacap, a leading North American private equity firm, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Alliance Labeling Inc. (Alliance), a leading Canadian provider of value-added, full-service ancillary packaging and warehousing solutions with specialized engineering capabilities, headquartered in Oakville, Ontario.

The acquisition positions Alliance and its divisions, Alliance IntraPak Inc. and Northpoint Industries Ltd. for active expansion in Canada and the U.S. market. Utilizing Novacap’s expertise in fostering value-add growth and operational efficiency, Alliance plans to enhance its strong presence in Ontario and Quebec, advancing its growth trajectory.

Christian Fabi, Partner at Novacap Industries, highlighted the firm’s strategy, saying, “Our focus is to amplify Alliance’s strengths, ensuring we continue to offer timely, top-notch packaging solutions. Through targeted operations and strategic acquisitions, we’re looking forward to bringing our shared vision to life.

Northpoint automation creates a strategic differentiator in the market and is in line with Novacap’s emphasis on technological innovation and enhanced efficiency, underlining their commitment to advancing Alliance’s operational capabilities. Dario Lopez, President of Alliance, remarked, “Joining forces with Novacap represents a strategic milestone for Alliance. We’re enthusiastic about the enhanced capabilities and growth opportunities this partnership brings. Our commitment remains to extend our reach and elevate the quality of service our customers have come to expect.”