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From time to time, even the most promising businesses reach a stage in their development that requires additional capital to achieve their next level of growth.

Whether the company is looking to spin-off one of its divisions, needs to fuel development, or founders and management would like to secure their value, Novacap's professionals can help you achieve your goals.

Finding the right partner
At Novacap, we use the same rigorous investment selection process and the same value building strategies that have produced superior returns over the last two and a half decades. We assess the general suitability of investment opportunities based on the things we know are the foundations of future success. Here's what we're looking for in an investment partner:

  • Strong Management Team: An outstanding team of senior managers, with demonstrated track records in relevant areas of expertise, has been assembled;
  • Established Revenues and Customer Base: The company has achieved significant revenues from a growing customer base, essentially limiting the market acceptance risk;
  • Differentiated Products or Services: The company offers proprietary or significantly differentiated products or services, creating a sustainable long-term competitive advantage;
  • Proven Market Opportunity: A large identifiable market is predictable and projected to grow rapidly, or better yet, exists for the company's products or services;
  • Barriers to Entry: The targeted market is characterized by defensible barriers to entry;
  • Size of Investment: the potential to invest a minimum of $10 million;
  • Location: Our preference is to invest in companies in North America within three hours of combined travel time from Montréal.